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Reflection #5 -by Aqilah


Last week, we were given a chance to be an evaluator. From that, I can  see where are the weaknesses in our company. Other than that, it also broaden our mind about our competitor and this experience also gives us the bigger pictures of the business world. This gives us a bg opportunity to improve and review our business and company weaknesses.

I feel that we should take advantages on other’s weaknesses in terms of learning form their weaknesses and mistakes.


reflection #4


I (Zayanah) was chosen to be a representative of my group to promote our business.

there’s a lot of things need to be taken in consideration to do promotion.

Tone of your voice, the movement, how you attract the audience attention. To be a good promoter, we must grab the attention of customer within a short time. It’s a hard task for me, as I’m not a good persuader.

well, I have to learn more about this 🙂

reflection #3 (22/10/2012)


Hi, Im Zayanah 🙂 . I want to apologize for being late to update the reflection due to several problems.

What we learnt on lecture which held on 22/10/12 were how the business is done in the real world. with the supplier, entrepreneur, employee, and also customer. We played a game based on true situation so that we know how to tackle the customer.

Speak as a customer, there are several ways to attract us. There’s include put discount on the item. also, bargain sale is not really I like. I want to buy 1, but there’s no 1 but 5 pieces of burgers! ya, that need some serious change.


We have to answer a question to get the money. the card then exchanged for money.




the game is interesting because we used monopoly’s money, and there’s inflation at first . anyhow, I enjoyed that day 🙂

Reflection #4 -by Aqilah


Last Monday I have learned about how to present ourself and grab people thrust during presentation. Miss Elaine teach us the 7 most important element during a presentation.

These elements include:

  1. Lingiustic
  2. Eye contact
  3. Facial expression
  4. Body language
  5. Voice
  6. Space
  7. Fluency

This is a very useful guide for me which I can apply during my future presentation, or even during interview. I hope I can make a better presentation using these elements in the future.

My 3rd Mirror


Olla amigos~

What have i learned?

This is my third reflection so far. I am terribly sorry for my absence last Monday. I lost my track of time that day. Oh well~ Won’t do it again, (cannot) promise that. Haha. 

Last week, I learnt that an organization really needs cooperation from everyone; even the manager and the employees. I don’t think I can run a business alone. It will be such a havoc! And i’m chaotic myself. (I don’t know if this is grammatically correct. Hentam saja lahh… kann?). 

Hey! Do check this out. Our new logo. Hope you like it. 

P/S: CaKiss actually stands for cake + kiss. Can change it if you want to. Leave comments below 🙂



If you want to be the best presenter your presentation must be great. Your presentation must include several elements. The elements are eye contact, body action, fluency, linguistic, voice, space and facial expression. All the elements important in promoting your products. The way you promoting the products will attract customers.
by Hazwani Zakaria

Reflection #3 -by Aqilah


In the last task, I played a roll as an employee. My employers had ordered me to deal with the supplier. I was told to go and negotiate with the supplier in order to get the best product and the with the best price. But after a while spending time doing so, I found out that it was a waste of time. Because the customers had to wait for a long time for us to give them their order and the supplier always come out with unreasonable deal. So our company decided to make our own product and sell it out. Our business become better since, and more costumers came to buy our product.
In this task I learn that everybody in an organization play a roll in brainstorming and contributing ideas, including the employees. Other than that, I learn that we must always prepare a Plan B in a business.