Mirror 2.0


Hey hey hey ~

What I’ve learnt:

I have come to know that we have weekly assignment – sigh. Zayanah can be my substitute leader – fuhh. And, we have to bring laptop to class – sigh again. Haha. Joke 🙂

I learned that people will keep blaming others but not themselves. Why? We have to ask ourselves that very own question. Without a peacemaker or your own conscious to tell you wrong, we might’ve been lost in our own habit of condemning others. Remember ‘Internal Locust of Control’? Someone who blames himself because everything happens from his own doings. So, why blame others? I don’t want to be trapped in the never ending fight – instead, ‘muhasabah’ and try to collaborate with your surroundings is the best choice.

” Step 1: HI !!, Step 2: *high five*, Step 3: *high ten* “

I think I would do step 1 everyday to my friends from now on. Step 2 and 3 is bit difficult as I am a little shy. Hehe. My next big step would be doing step 1 to random people who walk past me. ” Hey, I just met you. Yeah, this is crazy. Don’t give me your number. Just Hi maybe ” hahaha

Well then. Enough blogging. TTFN ~ tatafornow 😀

By Afiqah Zamri (SEN 120020)


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