Reflection (8/10/12) #1


By: Zayanah Zahar (SEN120022)

What I’ve learn:

After a very good session with Miss Elaine, I learned to determine what I want to be, the problem that I may encounter and also quality that I need to make it as a reality.

Every dream has it’s own problem, same goes with entrepreneurship. It’s has goal, problems and quality to assure the success.

What do I feel:

I feel satisfied when I know what my problems are. I can be prepare so that I won’t face mental breakdown nor torture. Actually, the session leads us to think and to be prepared IF we involved in entrepreneurship as it has many obstacles waiting for us.

Where and how I can apply the lesson:

Entrepreneurship. how? by determine the problems at the start, we can overcome the problems easily as we know about it and prepared. Of course.


what else? Not all of us interested in entrepreneurship, but by joining and


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