#6 sayuti’s reflection


Today i learnt how to present in front of our evaluator, Miss Elaine. We pretended that we are presenting in a real situation where investors and bankers are involved. With this we gain confidence and experience


#5 sayuti’s reflection


Organizing stuff proves to me that it can efficiently increase the production of our group work. We learnt that by being organized, it is much easier to present our business, being able to ind solution easily, and can enchance our work further

Mock Presentation by Hazwani Zakaria


Dua minggu yang lalu,

Setiap kumpulan diberi peluang untuk mempromosikan produk atau perniagaan mereka selama 3 minit. Kekangan masa menyebabkan setiap kumpulan mempromosikan produk mereka secara rimgkas sahaja. Bagaimanapun, ini adalah salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan keyakinan diri setiap ahli kumpulan dan dapat memperbaiki kelemahan masing-masing dalam mempromosikan produk. Ini merupakan kelas terakhir Cik Elaine. Pelbagai ilmu telah dikongsi bersama pelajar. hal ini telah meningkatkan pengetahuan pelajar dalam bidang perniagaan.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Reflection #5 -by Aqilah


Last week, we were given a chance to be an evaluator. From that, I can  see where are the weaknesses in our company. Other than that, it also broaden our mind about our competitor and this experience also gives us the bigger pictures of the business world. This gives us a bg opportunity to improve and review our business and company weaknesses.

I feel that we should take advantages on other’s weaknesses in terms of learning form their weaknesses and mistakes.